With Carealytix, you have found an employer with a meaningful purpose


You can't see your dream job?

Independent from these job roles, we are always looking for motivated team members...who want to make a difference in the world by joining our Carealytix team.

In particular, we are always looking for:


Graphic, Mobile App and Web Designers, who live and breathe digital design


Developers, Data Scientists, Software- and Game Engineers, who just love to code because at the end of the day…your code is the treatment


Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists and others with healthcare experience, who want to make a difference by working in a fast-moving healthcare startup


People with a knack for product management and who have previously worked in a corporate firm (e.g., strategy consulting) or a startup (e.g., as Product Managers), aiming to make a true impact at their future workplace


Our superpower: interdisciplinary teams!

We are absolutely convinced that interdisciplinary teams, which combine the skills of physicians, nurses, designers, developers and market strategists are the best way to truly advance healthcare.

The seamless blend of everyone’s skillset enables us to rapidly develop innovative products that fulfill patients’ and doctors’ needs.

Smiling Coworker

At Carealytix, we see you as a person first, rather than a job title.

Work Space

Carealytix is more than a workplace.

Every day, we dive into our work with the purpose of developing products that reimagine the way healthcare is delivered. You will be working in a team in which everyone is 100% convinced and committed to creating digital health solutions with a direct positive impact on patient lives. Carealytix aims to helping you (re-)discover your purpose in your professional career.


What do we expect
from you? 


We are looking for those, who act and not those who only speak. Are you an innovator, a doer, someone enthusiastic about progress? Welcome aboard!


It’s quite simple: Trust is key and we expect everyone to value it. It encompasses our daily work as well as our patient relationships, who entrust us with their health.


We are sorry to break it to you, but contrary to what other employers may tell you, this is not about you and your career alone. It is also about caring, improving patient lives, and working with full dedication towards a bigger goal.


Innovation excels when everyone contributes with strong opinions, but in a respectful environment: ‘Be hard on ideas, be soft on people’ is the way we work and live.

We have deployed agile ways of working to develop our products with the typical set of digital tools used by tech startups. This helps us to work fast, fully committed and at high pace. Additionally, we work with a flexible mix of freelance vs. fixed and full-time vs. part-time team members. We are flexible in where you work from, striving for a hybrid model of virtual vs. on-site work.

Working on Laptop

We work fast, agile and flexibly.


Lastly and most importantly: an excessive load of enthusiasm and energy for reimaging the way that healthcare is delivered.


…we almost forgot about our office.


Did you think that you are working with the average startup in the city center? Think again. We have refurbished an old Bavarian farm located South of Munich and built in 1791 to be our Carealytix office. Work-break in real nature? No problem. Cows as your neighbors? Check. A border collie as your Chief Morale Officer? Let’s go!

And while we cannot yet share the full ‘expansion plan’ for understandable strategic reasons, you may already be informed that chickens are also on the mid-term agenda.

Do you now think that we are crazy? That’s okay, but as mentioned above: we aim to be more than an average workplace.

Working Cafe

Are you waiting for something particular?

Apply, join us and start creating products that truly matter. <3

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