Chronic disease
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built for a modern world.
Every person living with a chronic condition deserves the best possible personalized care.
We create digital products to accomplish this vision.
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What we do
We are transforming chronic care through user-centric technology
Carealytix set sail to challenge and disrupt conventional care delivery. By pinpointing user needs, we build offerings that are data-driven and scaleable, yet grounded in medicine and intuitive to use.
As we clear the path for tech-enabled, interdisciplinary chronic care, we partner with healthcare providers, payers, researchers and industry for new ways to achieve positive health results.
Regulatory compliance is in our DNA
Carealytix is fully ISO‑13485 certified
100% EU-GDPR approved tech-stack for health data
In-house medical & regulatory expertise
Our products
Our digital care platform aims to redefine the benchmark in kidney care
The Carealytix platform provides a comprehensive, modular toolkit for managing chronic conditions, guiding and supporting patients along the entire journey through comprehensive patient education and health tracking.
On top of that, the platform enables data sharing with providers, remote trend monitoring for digital care programs and HCPs and even clinical trial support for study execution. This unlocks a new paradigm of patient-physician interaction.
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Patient companions
Clinical trials
Remote monitoring
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Custom features
With the patient truly at the center, the Mizu-app has established itself as a leading solution in nephrology. While currently focused on combating chronic kidney disease (CKD), its underlying core technology can easily be applied to support any other chronic condition.
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How we create value
Eliminate gaps in healthcare.
We are the missing piece to the puzzle.
This is how we create value to you when we team up to solve the most pressing challenges in chronic care.

Free up precious time and relieve teams directly at the point of care

We streamline patient-physician interaction, improve efficiency of clinical workflows and help take increasing pressure off the shoulders of care teams. By automating recurring tasks and finding new ways to monitor health, we free up valuable time to care for patients.

Engage with your patients exactly the way you want

We make your life easier by making patients accessible. Be it remote monitoring, a clinical trial, a marketing campaign, or a digital care offering, we know how to captivate patients. Our solutions ensure engagement with the desired (therapeutic) approach.

Turbo-boost your health research and innovation

Accelerate trial recruitment and data collection, build study companions to steer behavior or seamlessly augment your hardware portfolios. We unleash the full power of cutting-edge tech blended with deep medical and product expertise into future-proof solutions that last.

Submerge into data science and RWE to be at the forefront of insights

We drill down on data to decode user behavior. By building digital therapeutics and unlocking real world evidence (RWE), we reveal a new paradigm for data-rooted personalized care, while reducing the total chronic disease burden.

Broaden the lens to solve the riddle of integrated care

No more therapeutic silos. We lay the foundation to orchestrate interdisciplinary precision care. Comorbidities? No problem. Everything we build is fully modular and can be transferred to any chronic disease area.
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Save time and resources so you can focus on providing the personal care you signed up for. We solve problems directly at the point of care, both with our off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Together, we will automate, digitize routines and increase self-management of patients.
Patient access and innovation are tough nuts to crack in regulated environments. We unlock RWE insights and blend domain expertise with state-of-the-art technology. The results are future-proof, medical-grade and user-centric solutions, both on our own platform and whitelabel.
Let us focus on tech so you can delve into research and new insights. As a proven trusted partner for major research projects, we speed up recruitment, raise engagement and simplify study coordination to set you up for success to publish the latest groundbreaking research.
Chronic conditions account for a major share of your total cost burden. We build tailored solutions to identify those at risk, slow down disease progression, and reduce hospitalizations. As such, we pave ways to cut down on total treatment-related cost while improving outcomes.
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