Join the club. Shape the future of chronic care with us.
Carealytix is a purpose-driven healthtech company. You’ll love working with us, if you’re positive, action-driven and enthusiastic about actively contributing to create a healthier world.
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About us
Hi, we’re Carealytix! We are on a mission to disrupt conventional care delivery
Making a true difference in someone else’s health life is what gets our team members out of bed in the mornings with a smile. We are driven by bringing innovation into the hands of patients, caregivers, doctors and healthcare innovators.
Everyone on our team is fanatical about creating high-quality tech solutions that empower chronic patients, save time for medical teams and help improve medical outcomes. We aim to raise the bar of regulated, medical-grade software and digitally backed service offerings by blending it with the level of intuitive UX that we are used to from best-in-class consumer products in our day-to-day lives.
We move fast, challenge the status quo, and support our people as they shape their careers. Join Carealytix and become part of a purpose-driven team you’ve never experienced before.
What we value in people
Drive and initiative to solve challenges

As innovators and doers, we love to take on responsibility, get enthusiastic about progress and think two steps ahead. Being able to put this trust in team members and driving initiatives by yourself is what makes it fun to work and grow at Carealytix.

Caring about the success of those around you

Everything we do at Carealytix is deeply shaped by the word ‘care’. Care also reaches far beyond our products. It plays a major role in how we work together and defines our culture as a team, our DNA. To us, caring means setting up those around you for success.

Honesty and trust in each other

Trust is key and we expect everyone to value it. It encompasses our daily work as well as our patient relationships, who entrust us with their health. Our team members treasure and value the culture of trust and honesty we are living.

Having an opinion and voicing it

Innovation excels when everyone contributes with strong, fact-driven and reflected opinions, but in a respectful environment. ‘Be hard on ideas, be soft on people’ is the way we work and live.

Our products
Mizu, the app that truly helps CKD patients master their health
We’re currently building a robust and scalable chronic care platform to empower people living with chronic conditions to live their best possible normal life. Through our solutions we aim to improve workflows and medical care to slow down disease progression, avoid adverse events and improve the overall state of health.
With a rapidly growing user base and partners in nephrology in Western Europe, it’s now time to let the world know about our platform. We are planning to scale both globally as well as to further chronic disease areas in the near future.
Early-stage kidney disease
Kidney transplant
registered users
data points for
precision medicine
Interested in finding out more about our products? Best download our Mizu app to gain insights into how we provide day-to-day support for people with chronic kidney disease.
Our team
Small team, big impact. We love to build on each other’s strengths.
Small team, big impact.
We love to build on each other’s strengths.
Be it our founders, our tech and design teams or our medical experts. Together, we bring decades of deeply relevant topic expertise to the table. This nurtures a maximally collaborative environment for everyone’s professional and personal growth.
On top, we are dedicated to making Carealytix a diverse and inclusive workplace. We aim to foster open minds and to help everyone grow into the best possible version of themselves. We encourage you to bring your full self to work!
Nationalities at Carealytix
Bosnia & Herzegovina
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
What our team members say

A mission with a positive societal impact and truly human-centered… that's exactly what I wanted in my job and finally found at Carealytix. I also love that everyone tries to understand and is interested in the work of teammates.”

UX/UI Designer

I love Carealytix. We have managed to build a great team that is full of energy, eager to improve and building meaningful products. My responsibilities are increasing every week and I am actively co-shaping our identity and company.”

Software Engineer

I tend to forget that I’m actually working, because there is so much space for me to learn, grow, express opinions and take initiative. On top of that, it is fulfilling work with the goal of easing the daily routine of chronic patients.”

Software Engineer

Carealytix has opened my eyes to see what a job can really be. Before, I was merely like a small cog in a big system. Here, I feel like I am in charge of solving pressing societal problems with responsibility. Joining the squad was one of my best decisions so far!

Medical doctor

I am taking on responsibilities far beyond my medical training with joy. I particularly appreciate the respectful interaction and the exchange at eye level. Big goals are pursued with such determination that I am always surprised at what is achieved in a short time.”

Freelancer / Medical doctor
Join the club! Current job openings to shape the
future with us:
We’re are currently not hiring for any particular position.
Do you have e.g. years of healthcare expertise or another superpower? Don’t be shy to submit an open application that describes how your drive and skillset are relevant to the success of what we are doing at Carealytix.
Can’t see your dream job? We are always looking for motivated difference makers, who bring drive and initiative to the table. Connect with us and submit an open application.
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We are hiring
We aim to be more than ‘just’ an employer
Next to a competitive salary, we offer a range of perks and benefits around mental and physical health, work-life balance and personal growth. Your health and wellbeing are our priority.
💻 Flexible home office

Our working model is hybrid/remote. Having said that, many of our team members come by regularly for in-person meetings or just hanging out at our office that is located in an old farmhouse.

💓 Health and wellbeing

We do regular check-ins to ensure that everyone is happy both physically and mentally. Our full-time team members also benefit from a comprehensive corporate health and wellness program with unlimited sports opportunities.

💸 Compensation package

Beyond a competitive salary, we offer an employee stock option program for those who join us full-time.

🌴 Time off

We love our work, but even more so do we love life beyond our desks. Therefore, at Carealytix we offer 30 days of paid vacation – more than the legal requirement.

🍲 Fresh office lunch

Lunch is provided on office days. Depending on the season, this usually entails fresh veggies from the neighboring farm.

🗓️ Regular events

We hold regular team events and get-togethers to meet up, get-to-know new teammates in person and catch up on what’s happening. At these events, we recap and align on goals, and check-in on our long-term vision. Be it a week of snow and skiing in winter, or a hut in the Alps in summer – we don’t forget to always find a good mix of work and fun!

Frequently asked questions
I don’t speak German. Can I apply?

Our working language is English, especially for everything tech-related. We expect our team members to be at full working proficiency with their English. Being able to speak German is generally not a requirement. However, some of the open positions will specify German as a language requirement, especially when interacting with patients, doctors, caregivers or partners.

I don’t live in Munich. Can I apply?

We are a hybrid/remote company. This means that we work primarily remotely, but put a lot of effort on getting everyone together regularly for alignment, catch-ups, etc. as well. If you don’t live close to our office, that’s therefore not a big deal and you won’t miss out on relevant events. Currently, we only hire people who are located in the EU and are legally allowed to work here. We do not sponsor EU work visas at the moment.

I don’t fulfill all requirements. What now?

Generally speaking, we describe our ideal candidate in job postings. It’s clear to us that often times, you may not fulfill 100% of that. We aim to make it clear what is a hard requirement and what not. You’re still intending to apply to a position you may not be ready for yet, because you love what we do? Tell us how you’ll get to where you want to be!

How can I increase my chances of success when applying?

Generic cover letters with copy paste and buzzwords don’t hit the spot for us. Carealytix is exactly what you are looking for? Show us you care! Put some time and effort into your application and try to understand us as a company. A great start is to write a great cover letter: showcase how our values are aligned and how you can bring to the table the experiences and skills we are looking for.

How quickly will Carealytix respond?

We aim to inform every candidate within 5-10 working days about their application and whether we’d like to meet you in a first, short interview. To make sure your application gets processed correctly, make sure that you submit all required documents and follow the standard process indicated on the job posting.