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About us

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Steffen and Dominik both bring many years of experience from working in the healthcare sector. Soon after they met by working together at BCG, they started forging ideas for their own venture. Lukas completes the founding team as CTO with deep experience in enterprise software & cloud solutions. Having also spent substantial time in North America, they are convinced that there is a huge untapped potential for digital health in Europe. The three founded Carealytix with the ambition of advancing digital healthcare businesses in Europe.


Our Approach

In many daily instances, patients, medical staff and physicians
have the ability to actively influence health outcomes.
Unfortunately, they often lack the tools to do so.

At Carealytix, we address exactly these issues and build digital tools that empower healthcare stakeholders in all aspects. In doing so, we aim to raise the user experience to the level that patients, medical staff and physicians are used to from consumer products. 

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Reflect highest European data protection standards to preserve patients and physicians’ trust


Embed gamification elements balancing user engagement and medical purpose of products

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Strive for digital leadership in any chosen therapeutic area 

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Target improved medical outcomes and higher quality of life for patients at lower cost to the healthcare system

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Deliver the user experience of a consumer product for both physicians and patients

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Leverage data in all aspects of business - from product development and testing to steering customer service


The foundation of our
Carealytix platform