About Us

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The Founding Team

The Carealytix founding team jointly brings 30+ years of experience in the health and tech sectors to the table. Lukas May, Steffen Simon and Dominik Bundschuh founded Carealytix with the ambition of advancing digital healthcare businesses in Europe. To do so, they focus on automating daily processes of HCP work and reshape the way healthcare is delivered to patients. In doing so, they are building disruptive business models in chronic care areas that aim to truly improve the way that kidney care is delivered.

Our approach

In many daily instances, patients, medical staff and physicians have the ability to actively influence health outcomes. Unfortunately, they often lack the tools to do so.

At Carealytix, we address exactly these issues and build digital tools that empower healthcare stakeholders in all aspects. In doing so, we aim to raise the user experience to the level that patients, medical staff and physicians are used to from consumer products.